Unable to start Android app with Capacitor plugins


I’m new in this platform, and I’m building my first app with Ionic+Capacitor. I have it running in the web browser, but when I sync it to Android and try to start it in my cellphone, it only loads the Capacitor Splash Screen and a blank screen.
My app uses the Capacitor Storage, SplashScreen and StatusBar.
Here is the complete log I could gather from Logcat (https://pastebin.com/mitcdVmL), and here is what I think is the main problem:

11-04 18:34:44.271 22812-22812/com.noobitar.digitaldocstaldocs E/Capacitor: Unable to read file at path public/plugins
11-04 18:34:44.285 22812-22812/com.noobitar.digitaldocstaldocs D/Capacitor: Loading app at https://localhost:6482
11-04 18:34:44.381 22812-22812/com.noobitar.digitaldocstaldocs D/Capacitor: App started
11-04 18:34:44.382 22812-22812/com.noobitar.digitaldocstaldocs D/Capacitor/Plugin/App: Firing change: true
11-04 18:34:44.388 22812-22812/com.noobitar.digitaldocstaldocs V/Capacitor/Plugin/App: Notifying listeners for event appStateChange
11-04 18:34:44.388 22812-22812/com.noobitar.digitaldocstaldocs D/Capacitor/Plugin/App: No listeners found for event appStateChange
11-04 18:34:44.392 858-4159/? W/ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { act=android.support.customtabs.action.CustomTabsService pkg=com.android.chrome } U=0: not found
11-04 18:34:44.394 22812-22812/com.noobitar.digitaldocstaldocs E/Capacitor/Plugin/Browser: Error binding to custom tabs service

Any ideas on what could it be?

Thank you very much in advance for all your help!


Does your device have Chrome app installed?


I could find that the problem was the Android System Webview version.
After updating all Google-related system applications, then it started working.

Thank you all for your help!