Is Capacitor a transition technology?

Hello friends,

(first I have to say that I’m not used to write and talk in english, so please excuse me for my poor grammar :sweat_smile:)
Right now i’m doing a thesis on PWA and NPWA, and of course, Capacitor is one of the central pieces of this thesis.

I ask for your help to answer to my question : is Capacitor a transition technology, waiting for PWA to be more mature before dying ?

NPWA is a technology that wants to make PWA and native App completely similar, so what would happen if PWAs were as complete as native apps (in term of functionnalities) ?

Would it kill native apps, and at the same time NPWA technology ?

Thank you in advance for your reactions :slight_smile:

For over 10 years Cordova and the like have been challenged around the transition technology. “Why should I make a hybrid when it’s just a stepping stone to pure native”. Obviously it hasn’t died and has actually grown quite a bit.

With the growth and acceptance of PWA, it stands even stronger than ever. I’d like to think that PWA would replace native and hybrid style apps in the future but there are some hard stops:

  1. Apple doesn’t make money on PWAs (case closed…)
  2. PWAs will need to have less privileges in general. When a visiter goes to a website they are not “installing” the website. When a user goes to an app store and installs an app, they realize it may have some additional privileges it may ask for that a website wouldn’t/shouldn’t.

Imagine a day where you visit a website and it asks you all the same permission level items that an app would. I don’t want to live in that future… wait we may actually already be there.

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No! We see a reality where app store apps and web apps (Progressive Web Apps) co-exist. I think it’s quite unlikely PWAs kill native apps for a whole host of reasons.

Also we see Desktop and Mobile continuing to co-exist and Capacitor’s mission is to thrive in that environment.

Also, we still think, even in a theoretical future where PWAs “kill” native apps, there’s a ton of opportunity to make it easier to use Web APIs, and that’s a big part of what Capacitor does.